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Channel and Monument Signage

Channel and Monument Signage

Your business signange is an important decision.  You need to make sure you are preseted in a consitent manner with all of your other branding materials, as well as making sure you get noticed.  AutoSwag's designers and sub contractors are well trained to understand these key parts of a successful project.  We all work very closely from start to finish to make sure your project is a huge success.

We Can't Do Everything . . .

There are parts of every project that require specific expertises.  Rather than try and fumble through it to save a few bucks and ultimately risk making a mistake, we often turn to outside professionals for specific portions of these projects.  For this reason, AutoSwag has established partnerships with only the best sub contractors to ensure you receive a professional design, the proper permitting and completed installation services of channel and monument signage.  Our creative staff will work with you to ensure the design meets your branding criteria and then work with our sub contractors to make sure the entire project is delivered complete, fully passes inspection, and is on time for your grand opening!  Give us a call today at 623-536-1472 to get started.

  • Channel Lettering
  • Monument Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Sign Repair

Letter Visibility Chart

Viewing Distance
in Feet
Minimum Required Letter
Height in Inches
100 ft 4"
250 ft 10"
360 ft
(city block)
500 ft 22"
750 ft 33"
1000 ft 43"
1320 ft
(1/4 mile)

Calculations based on externally (or naturally) lit sign with all upper case Helvetica letters utilizing optimal negative space. Factors that may affect required letter size are: color scheme, font selection, traffic and weather conditions, or sign standoff. Consult with experienced sign professionals at Gemini Signs for optimal design.

This letter visibility chart has been made based upon information provided by Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, Penn State University and the United States Sign Council (USSC). c1998.

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