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Content Management

Content Management - The AutoSwag Website Builder

Creating and maintaining your website has never been easier.  If you know how to use a browser like Internet Explorer®, Firefox® or Netscape® and a word processing program like Word® or Word Perfect® you can create and maintain your own professional website without the need to learn difficult Internet protocols or programming languages.

How can we be so sure?  It's simple.  AutoSwag, Inc. has developed a new common sense approach to getting you started quickly.  Setting up and maintaining a professional website has never been easier.  AutoSwag's new web technology eliminates the guess work.  By separating the tools necessary to care for your website into 3 very simple to understand sections, anyone with the ability to read and type can now manage a world class web site. 

1. It All Starts with Security

Setting up editing access to your web site editing tools is very easy to do.  Simply add users add give them the rights to create, edit and/or delete content as necessary.  The AutoSwag Website Builder handles all of this through one easy to use page and provides you with an immediate oveview of all your users and what each is allowed to do based on the security settings you select.

2. Orgainize Your Information with Navigation

Organize your website on-the-fly to create an easy to use professional website for your visitors.  Add and edit navigation links to your content in the AutoSwag Website Builder.  You can also add links to any other page on the Internet for sharing information.  As you make changes to your navigation, the built-in sitemap is updated in realtime and made ready for the search engined to index.

You have complete control over 3 navigation areas, including drop down menus with a secondary level for creating subsections.  Managing these 3 sections has been simplified with one easy to use overview page containing all the tools you need to create, edit, reorder and delete links.  With just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes you can quickly add, edit and reorganize the information on your web to create the ultimate user experience.

3. Creating and Editing Your Content

Managing content is where your creativity comes to life.  You focus on the information and the AutoSwag Website Builder takes care of the rest.  Simply add a Title, Keywords, Description and your text and images.  Press submit and your information is immediately updated and posted live to your web site.  No more waiting days, weeks or even months for a programmer to "get around to it". AutoSwag will make it happen today!

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